EduFire Toolkit Consortium Meeting

On March 13, the Edufire Toolkit consortium meeting took place at Can Jaumeandreu (UOC premises) in Barcelona. The EduFire Toolkit team got together to continue working on the objectives of the project and share the work done.

The meeting began with an overview of the project and a discussion of the project’s timeline. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the structure of the toolkit, its units, the educational materials, and the different challenges to be faced during the next months.

“We used brainstorming to generate a set of challenges for each module based on different age groups. This methodology provided us with a free and open environment that encouraged us to participate in sharing our ideas and we developed a rich array of creative challenges for each module based on different age groups”, says Helena Ballart, coordinator of EduFire Toolkit.

Everyone agreed on the need to work together to make sure the educational resources are successful. Roles and responsibilities of each team member were discussed, and tasks were assigned to each person. Potential risks and its solutions were also discussed.

It was decided to set up an Educational Advisory Council to allow all those associated with the educational world (teachers, researchers, etc.) who wish to contribute to improving these educational materials.  During the second half of 2023, the educational materials will be put into practice and evaluated through pilots in secondary schools in the three countries involved in the project.

“Once we have evaluated the results drawn from the pilots, we will organize 4 multiplier events in 2024. These events will be addressed the education professionals interested in implementing the methodology and educational materials in their institutions. This transnational meeting has been beneficial in keeping our team focused and productive”, concludes Helena.