First Advisory Board Meeting

On July 19, the first Advisory Board Meeting took place in a virtual format.

As part of the Edufire Toolkit project implementation plan, we establish a Project Advisory Board that will act as the central oversight body to provide specialised insight and advice at specific project milestones. Members of the Advisory Board will bring together experts in the wildfire sector, and representatives of relevant stakeholder groups such as teachers, pedagogues, and other experts in the educational sector. The Advisory Board will play a primary role in reviewing and implementing the EduFire Toolkit project results and activities.

The meeting began with a brief round of introductions of the EduFire Project Team and the Advisory Board members. The main objective of the meeting was to present the project, explain the need to create this AB, and discuss the roles and responsibilities of the Advisory Board.

We are fortunate to have a group of experts with an international perspective on fire education who bring their skills, guidance and knowledge to the Edufire Toolkit project”, says Helena Ballart, Coordinator of EduFire Toolkit.

An overview of the EduFire Toolkit project and the presentation of the project details took place during the meeting.

Our advisory board is a group of experts who selflessly contribute to helping to make decisions that foster success“, assures Helena.

To conclude the meeting, we talked about the next steps and action items.