Intellectual Outputs

Project results will consist of 5 intellectual outputs developed to be sustainable over time and used within other European regions.

Initial analysis of identification and evaluation of the best practices in the different regions represented by the consortium.

Both educational content and methodological guidelines based on Project-Based Learning adapted to the first and second cycles of Compulsory Secondary Education (12-16 years) by following an STEAM approach.

Different resources considering different learning styles: content presentations, collaborative map app (interactive and innovative tool to share information and collaborate with students from different countries) and Audiovisual material: educational video to train on forest fires and climate change.

Design of community participation activities. Design of a methodological framework to implement a community participation activity replicable to different European regions.

A set of educational policy summaries collected during the project to consider education policy as a key dimension to consider if we want to promote a prosperous future in awareness and prevention of wildfire risk in the context of climate change.