Edufire toolkit

We prevent wildfires by investing in education

We aim to educate high school students in wildfire prevention throughout a project-based learning methodology by including a transisciplinary approach.

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Educational Toolkit for Secondary Schools in wildfires WITHIN A Climate Change SCENARIO

The main objective of the EduFire Toolkit project is to develop a set of multidisciplinary educational resources following a Project Based Learning (PBL) methodology and by developing activities designed to encourage community engagement.

The EduFire Toolkit project aims secondary school students identify and understand real and local challenges related to wildfire risk and its relationship with climate change.

Project-Based-Learning methodology from a STEAM approach

A set of multidisciplinary teaching resources will be developed to support the student’s learning process through working on projects that respond to real life needs.


wildfires topic at the curricular level

The EduFire Toolkit projects aims to include the topic of wildfires and its relationship to climate change at curricular level.

Community engagement

Community engagement is key to enforce society awareness and understand their social perception in relation to wildfires.

STEAM disciplines

The project aims to address wildfires from a transdisciplinary approach with STEAM disciplines as the main core.

Global vision of wildfires

The EduFire Toolkit project works at a European level, with the focus on Spain, Ireland and Portugal, countries with different features and challenges in relation to wildfires.